Galika from Real Estate to Human Estate

About us

Not so long ago, people used to flee the city. Today, we witness a reverse phenomenon under the combined effect of mobility and demographic change. Also, the household composition has changed significantly. For example, over 50% of Brussels households consist of one person only. A one-person household does not mean a person living alone: ​​sometimes there are children, part-time, or there is a life companion, but who is not present every day.

These trends mean new needs in terms of housing. To answer those needs, Galika develops multifunctional projects providing apartments with originality, in particular by opening up spaces and maximising their flexibility.

We believe that every building project should fit naturally in its environment and add value to the city. Our approach is thus global and concerted, combining the respect for patrimony, the integration within the neighbourhood and the use of vegetation to create dream gardens.

What we call "Human Estate" is a tailor-made approach, voluntarily assumed as artisanal, that precisely accounts for all those parameters into our reflexion and considers them globally. We totally believe that the quality of a project depends not on its price per m² but on the quality of life it induces per m².

We look for this quality of inhabitancy in our projects through all parameters: the size and the luminosity (architecture), the decibels and kwh/m² (building and energy performance), the litres of fuel per day (mobility enhancement), etc.

Fundamentally, Galika believes that the effectiveness of a project is to be calculated in the long term. This global, multifunctional approach on inhabitancy quality is the strongest pledge of long term capital gains.